About us

Empty Clip Studios was founded in 2007 in San Diego by two veteran game developers, Matt Shores and Francois Bertrand. We’ve also been located in Québec City, Canada since 2010 (“ECS Quebec”).

Despite remaining a small operation, we’ve released 14 games on multiple platforms for a total of 26 SKU’s in the last 8 years, mainly using our proprietary multiplatform RapidFire Engine.

Our best-known original game, Symphony, was launched in 2012 and won multiple awards. Our first original game was called Groovin’ Blocks, one of the earlier titles available for download on the Wii, and yielded our favourite reviewer quote: “My God this is crack”.

You can always contact us at: contact at emptyclipstudios.com (general inquiries) and support at emptyclipstudios.com (support for any of our games).