Attack of the Bugs – Press kit

Link to Screenshots & Key Art

About the game

Can virtual reality REALLY give you goosebumps?

Attack of the Bugs transports you in a B-movie horror-humor nightmare, surrounded by hordes of creepy giant insects!

Not just a shooter: deploy your army wisely, choose when to gather your resources, then take up arms to support your troops in the game’s unique action/strategy gameplay. Will you conquer the Evil Bug Queen and survive?

A unique mix of action, strategy and humor, Attack of the Bugs makes great use of virtual reality to create a gaming experience like no other!

  • Deploy attack troops and defensive units according to your master plan
  • Engage the enemy directly with multiple weapon types
  • Craft super-weapons to gain the upper hand
  • Adapt your strategy to the different bug types, each with its own characteristics
  • Immersive, funny, yet creepy-as-hell audio environment
  • Story Mode levels and Infinite mode with leaderboards and achievements for tons of fun-oriented B-movie gameplay
  • Tons of “Aliens” references, we couldn’t resist!

Attack of the Bugs is launching November 29, 2017 on Steam VR.

About Empty Clip Studios

Empty Clip Studios is a small indie studio that was founded in 2007 in San Diego by two veteran game developers, Matt Shores and Francois Bertrand. We’ve also been located in Québec City, Canada since 2010 (“ECS Quebec”).

Despite remaining a small operation, we’ve released 18 games on multiple platforms for a total of over 33 SKU’s in the last 10 years, mainly using our proprietary multiplatform RapidFire Engine.

Our best-known original game, Symphony, was launched in 2012 and won multiple awards. Our first original game was called Groovin’ Blocks, one of the earlier titles available for download on the Wii, and yielded our favourite reviewer quote: “My God this is crack”.

You can always contact us at: (general inquiries) and (support for any of our games).