This calls for some Heavy-Metal. Literally.

In Symphony Worlds your music exists as a unique living, breathing world. It is calling out to you, its owner, for help in liberating it from a mysterious demonic foe.

Symphony Worlds is an action-strategy game in which you explore your music’s world, discover the powers hidden within, harvest its resources and build the base you need to destroy the enemy.

Each song in your music collection has its own unique traits, and creates a completely different world. Your music is also your ally: it gives you resources and special abilities based on its personality. Need to get out of a jam? Kick-in some heavy-metal. Need to plant a forest? Time for a delicate classical piece.

Terrain, weather, day-night cycle, vegetation: everything has an impact on gameplay. And everything is influenced by your music.

The game takes place on a tiny planetary environment complete with vegetation, real weather and a two-minute day-night cycle, where you can actually outrun the night (turns out the night can be dangerous so that’s a good idea). Every polygon on the planet is 100% procedural and destructible, making for a fluid battlefield that’s unique every time.

To accommodate all this we had to create completely custom tech that handles tens of thousands of trees simultaneously, fully morphable spherical terrain and weird stuff like curved line-of-sight for AI (the extreme curvature of the planet makes things… interesting). If you miss your target, your missile might even get in orbit!


More to come!

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Thank you and see you out there!

Finally, this announcement wouldn’t be complete without us giving a big shout out to our friends at Dawnrunner who did a bang up job on our trailer video under real tight time constraints. Thanks again guys!